The new 2013 Toyota Avalon is a perfect example of the new phenomenon in which a car looks sleek and compact on the outside, but is truly a spacious full-sized sedan on the inside.  Impressing the U.S. since 1994, the Toyota Avalon has been the go-to sedan for those looking more space than the Toyota Camry can provide.  For the 2013 model year, the Avalon has been given a redesigned and is fresher and younger-looking than ever.

Interior and exterior design does not represent the Avalon’s only change.  Several aspects of the Avalon have been upgraded, which includes shedding some weight and thus giving the new sedan a quicker 0-60 time and max speed and too will improve fuel ratings.

Toyota went all out on the interior upgrades for the Avalon. Stepping up on the luxury and overall sophistication, the surfaces are made to look like real leather on the lower trim models and an ambient glow appears from the base of the dashboard during evening driving.

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15 Dec 2012

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