Toyota has long been at the forefront of hybrid technology.  This Hybrid SUV is one of the most popular in the U.S.  The Toyota Highlander in Tacoma has both a hybrid and regular gas version, giving consumers plenty of choices.  Not only is the 2013 model the best yet, but the upcoming model includes updated in-car technology and state-of-the-art safety systems.

“The new Highlander just looks awesome,” said Steve Reedy, a spokesperson for Toyota. “With its smooth styling, new technology, and improved performance, customers who need the space and comfort of a mid-size SUV will not be disappointed. The Highlander has always been a customer favorite, and that will not change with the redesign. They may never want to leave the driver’s seat!”


There’s plenty to look forward to with the new Highlander, which will boast an optional 8 seats; improvements in power, performance and handling; a four-cylinder, six-cylinder and hybrid engine choice; as well as technology and safety.

For more informatino about the Highlander, or to take a look at any Toyota vehicle, contact Toyota of Tacoma.

22 May 2013

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