In a recent review of the 2013 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition done by Field & Stream, the self-proclaimed world’s leading outdoor website, the 2013 Toyota 4Runner in Tacoma is deemed of the best SUVs for outdoor adventuring.  The reviewer spent two weeks and two trips with the 4Runner, first taking it on a fishing trip through the mountains and then to a tournament in NYC.

These two places are ideal for showcasing how versatile the Toyota 4Runner truly is.  It’s not only comfortable on the streets of the big city, but it’s just as capable through the rough terrain of the Catskill Mountains.  With plenty of room for passengers and their outdoor gear, as well as a towing capacity, there’s few places you can’t go and little you can’t take with you.


During this review, the reviewer compliments Toyota’s CRAWL control system that gives you low-speed setting to electronically manage engine speed and braking power.  This is especially helpful during long and steep descents on rough terrain.  It’s basically cruise-control for off-roading.

For more information about the 4Runner, or to take a look at any Toyota vehicle, contact Toyota of Tacoma.

7 Jun 2013

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