The world-famous and highly-anticipated Geneva Auto Show is closing in and Toyota readies to wow their audience – as usual. The automaker’s new reveal for this year’s global auto show is an electrified urban microcar concept. Though we know almost nothing about the vehicle, beyond the fact that it is very small, uses a minimal amount of energy to propel and the quick glimpses we’ve received of teaser images and a teaser video.

This new concept is called the Toyota i-Road and it gives the essence of a fun, sporty compact meant for quick driving around town. Perfect for an individual on their daily commute; one who is conscious of their environmental impact and the overwhelming cost of gas.


Like most concepts, the Toyota i-Road helps to see in which direction the Toyota Motor Co. is heading, as far as technology and design. Though this i-Road may be a tad too futuristic for the current production model new Toyota in Tacoma, it will still be indicative of certain aspects.

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27 Feb 2013

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