If your Toyota has reach the 50,000 milestone, it is time to bring it in for a Timing Belt Repair for Toyota in Tacoma. The Service Department at Toyota of Tacoma is staffed by knowledgeable professionals who want to help you maintain the safety standards Toyota has designed their vehicles to have. Our trained technicians take the time to properly diagnose and repair your Toyota, and then are able to service it in a timely manor to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Roller and timing belt

The timing belt in your Toyota plays a very key role. It’s job is to control the camshaft in your engine that opens and closes the valves at jut the right time for smooth operation. A vehicle that has a rough idle might be suffering from a timing belt related issue and needs to be brought in for Timing Belt Repair for Toyota in Tacoma sooner rather than later. The timing belt has teeth that turn the camshaft in time with the crankshaft. Your Toyota’s timing belt should be inspected beginning at 50,000 miles and then every 50K miles after. The reason for this interval is to check the life of the belt and to look for signs of cracking or teeth wearing out. Service technicians can quickly spot a timing belt defect and can accurately replace the belt if needed. Not all cars have a timing belt. Some are designed with a timing chain. Check your owner’s manual or ask a Service Representative at our Service Department which of these your car has, and when you should bring it in for inspection. On some engines, if the timing belt fails, valves will be held open when they should now be and will be struck by the pistons. This causes major damage to your engine and can be costly to repair or replace.

A common practice that happens at the same time as a timing belt repair, is also checking or replacing the water pump. The water pump in your Toyota has relatively the same life span at the timing belt/chain and are easily located by a technician who is already performing a timing belt repair. This repair can be put off for another time but ask the Service Department next time you are in the cost of doing it separately. If your Toyota has surpassed the 50k milestone and you have not had the timing belt inspected, watch for signs of leaking fluid. The life of your timing belt is greatly reduced by being exposed to fluids from your engine. For more information on a Timing Belt Repair for Toyota in Tacoma visit our Service Department at 7815 S. Tacoma Way, Tacoma, WA 98409.

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27 Jun 2014

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