In support of all U.S. disable veterans, the Toyota Motor Co. is sponsoring a contest for a 2013 Toyota Sienne SE with wheelchair access.  All disabled veterans may enter the drawing to win the van, which has been donated by Toyota.  The winner will be randomly drawn on Veteran’s Day by Vantage Mobility International.

“Access to reliable transportation is critical for wounded warriors who are reclaiming their independence,”  General John F. Regni, former Air Force Lieutenant  and a member of the VMI board of advisors, explained to media. “A VMI-converted Toyota Sienna will give them the mobility to secure a job, take care of their family and travel to the doctor.”


This version of the new Toyota Sienna in Tacoma is equipped with a wheelchair ramp and Vantage Mobility International’s Access360 In-Floor Ramp Conversion.  This salute to disable vets is being called Operation Independence Star Spangeld Salute.

For more information about the Sienna, or to take a look at any Toyota vehicle, contact Toyota of Tacoma.

21 Mar 2013

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