Recently, Toyota announced the debut of their new Toyota Furia Concept, releasing a teaser video, as well.  The automaker plans to unveil the concept during the 2013 International Auto Show in Detroit, set to happen in the middle of January.  We won’t have long to wait to see what Toyota has up their sleeve.

From the small amount that can be discerned from the video, the Furia seems to be a sport sedan or coupe, possibly similar to the new 2013 Toyota Avalon Touring, but with a smaller body and more power.  The product should be part of Toyota’s collaboration with BMW to create together certain parts of future sports vehicles.

The Furia Concept is set for reveal on January 14th at 2:35 pm, Eastern.  Presenting the vehicles will be Billy Fay, Toyota group VP and general manager.  We should also get an insight into the naming of the car which translates to fury or rage in English from Spanish.

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21 Dec 2012

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