The Toyota brand is often at the top of surveys and studies conducted to judge quality, reliability and all things desirable.  In the most recent study done by Consumer Reports, it was shown that the American people are paying close attention to these studies, and consider Toyota vehicles the best in the business.

The survey asked consumers to rate each vehicle brand based on their perception of these seven categories: safety, performance, style and design, technology, overall value, overall safety and environmental concern.  Toyota not only scored the best, but received an even better score than last years.

2013-Toyota-RAV4-UK-1 (1)

There are several new Toyota models that have been released over the past few months.  Two of the most popular models are the new Toyota cars in Tacoma and the new Toyota crossover in Tacoma.  The small car and crossover sedans have been taking the spotlight throughout the automotive industry this past year.

For more information about Toyota vehicles, or to take a look at any model, contact Toyota of Tacoma.

4 Feb 2013

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