2015 Toyota Maintenance Available in Tacoma2015 Toyota Maintenance Available in Tacoma will keep your brand-new car as close to its initial, fresh self as possible. Once your car rolls off the lot, you should already know when it’s time to maintain it, and what parts need to be replaced when. A car that is well-maintained and has regular checks can last you longer than you might expect!

Regular Toyota Maintenance in Tacoma

There are several things that your mechanic will always do as part of your 2015 Toyota Maintenance Available in Tacoma. Checking the wheels, under the hood, and the exhaust and fluids for anything unusual is one of the most basic parts of inspection (and can even be done yourself—just because a car is brand new doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect and prepare for the unexpected).

Your mechanic will check your engine oil level as well as its viscosity, and change it if the need is there (engine oil that is old can build up sludge that can gum up the works of your engine and cause it to malfunction). Your transmission fluid, belts, and brake/power steering fluid levels will also be checked, and more will be added if needed. The inspection will also make sure that nothing is frayed or damaged. Tire rotation is also a major part of maintenance.

Part Replacements on Your Toyota

Though you likely won’t need any replacements while your car is still under 100,000 miles, it’s still good to know what to expect when your 2015 Toyota Maintenance Available in Tacoma does come around. Most owner manuals list off when components such as your timing belt need to be changed, as well as air filters, spark plugs, and more. You should also keep an eye on your battery, so that you know when to replace it.

Always address any engine issues you may have, such as strange noises, unusual odors, or a drop in performance, by consulting your mechanic. You shouldn’t wait until your next 2015 Toyota Maintenance Available in Tacoma to get these problems addressed; the sooner the better.

Larson Automotive Group’s Toyota of Tacoma offers maintenance for all Toyota models and all years. We’re the best place to get your Toyota maintenance, since our experts are all factory-trained and we will be able to get you any replacement parts faster than the competition. Call us at 253-671-6425 for repairs and service, and 253-671-6440 to buy parts directly.

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28 Aug 2015