At Toyota of Tacoma we offer an Oil Change Service for Toyota in Tacoma that is performed by experts who understand how to accurately service every Toyota model. These trained-professionals were instructed by Toyota and will change the oil in your car with the specific oil grade required. Many Toyota models have different intervals at which they need to be brought in for service, so always make sure to speak with someone in our Service Department on scheduling an appointment. Check out the Service Department tab on our main website for printable coupons off many different services we offer.

Changing automobile oil

When you come to Toyota of Tacoma for an Oil Change Service for Toyota in Tacoma you’ll see what sets us apart. Our state-of-the-art facility is stocked with Toyota specific parts and oil for your model. We recommend going with a synthetic motor oil for your car as it offers a superior amount of lubrication that can withstand the tremendous pressure and friction of your engine. The oil in your engine plays many different vital roles that help support a healthy life. First, it lubricates all moving parts. This includes the crankshaft, pistons, cams, and more. If these parts are not properly lubricated you run the risk of friction building up heat to the point of failure. A car that has gone too far beyond the recommended oil change replacement service might begin to break down the engine oil in such a way that serious damage can occur. The second role your engine oil performs is that of a cleaner. The oil circulates around the engine collecting contaminants and brings it to the oil filter. The filter holds on to the particles so that they are not free to roam around. When you bring in your Toyota for an oil change, we make sure to visually inspect and replace the engine oil filter. The process is important because the filter can tell us if something is happening inside your engine that needs attention.

Other minor service we provide when you bring your car in for an Oil Change Service for Toyota in Tacoma is a visual inspection. What we inspect is the battery, transmission, lights, brakes, tires, wheels, fluid levels and more. This visual inspection ensures that many of the working systems on your car are working as intended. The expert technicians at Toyota of Tacoma will report any signs they see and further recommended any additional service they feel will keep you safe and happy for many miles. Come check us out at 7815 S. Tacoma Way, Tacoma, WA 98409.

11 Jul 2014