The Toyota C-HR Concept is another innovative reveal from the major automotive manufacturer, set to debut at the upcoming Paris Motor Show. With stylistic elements that are callbacks to the original RAV4 and the latest in hybrid technology, the C-HR Concept is a sleek new entry and a great leap forward.

The C-HR Concept’s body looks and feels slick and lightweight, with shaved-off corners and a sturdy stance. Everything about The Toyota C-HR Concept flows, from the swooping upper grille, to the flared wheel arches, and a smooth cabin profile. Consumers will find that their new vehicle exemplifies both solidness and elegance. The eye-catching hatchback shape and rounded corners also set the C-HR Concept apart from other cars on the road, making it all the more exciting to drive.

A lower center of gravity combined with a more aerodynamic car structure gives the Toyota C-HR Concept its maneuverability and adds to its already fantastic fuel efficiency. Improved technology in the engine, transmission, and other drive components promise to shoot this new entry in the Hybrid category into a class of its own.

In 2011, Akio Toyoda introduced the company’s new Global Vision; three years later, Toyota is following up on its promises, with cars catering to worldwide markets. The Toyota C-HR Concept rises to meet the demands of the European market, combining the brilliant strategies from both its European and Japanese sectors. Consumers worldwide have been choosing Hybrid vehicles for their efficiency and comfort. The first eight months of 2014 showed that nearly 30% of Toyota sales in Europe were hybrids; a statistic that Toyota is clearly rising to meet and take advantage of.

The Toyota C-HR Concept will exhibit a number of new features outside of its new hatchback cabin and fuel/emissions efficiency, but Toyota is keeping quiet about the other details (as well as how, exactly, the new Powertrain works). However, the company is well on its way to creating a car that is both a road-dominating powerhouse and great to look at.

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10 Oct 2014