The best place you can go for Toyota Tire Repair and Installation in Tacoma is Toyota of Tacoma. We at Toyota of Tacoma boast a great wealth of experience and knowledge in Toyota tire repair and installation services because we have been offering this services for many years, and we have many faithful customers who can testify to the quality of our services. When you come for tire repair, our experts will examine your tires to determine the condition of your tires and the extent of the damage. If the damage is extensive, they will advise you to replace the tires. However, if the tire can be fixed, our experts will proceed to perform proper plugging and patching from the inside of the tire.

TiresIf you need tire installation done, our experts will also proceed to remove the old tires from the wheels using the correct equipment. They will then perform an inspection of the wheel and lug nuts, and will install new valve stems where needed. They will then mount and seal the new tires and inflate them. After that they will perform wheel balancing, whereby the wheel will be mounted on a computer-controlled balancing machine that will adjust the wheel, making it to rotate true, without wobbling. After this they will finally remount the wheels with the new tires on them. Schedule Toyota Tire Repair and Installation in Tacoma today; you will not regret it.

We at Toyota of Tacoma take great pride in seeing the look of full satisfaction on our customers’ faces as they leave our service center. In seeking to accommodate our customers more, our service department opens its doors on Saturday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Therefore, all you who are not able to schedule your vehicle for Toyota Tire Repair and Installation in Tacoma during weekdays have a chance to get your vehicle’s tires repaired and installed on Saturday before you engage into another busy week. We at Toyota of Tacoma also pride ourselves in offering quick and accurate services; therefore, you can trust that when bring your vehicle to our service center for tire repair, you will be in and out of our service center before you know it. Therefore, make a point of coming to our dealership in Tacoma, WA and inquiring about our services. You can also call us up at 253-671-6424.

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28 Feb 2014